Season 02

Season 02 Trailer

The 2017 NZ general election has arrived in the quaint little village of Aro Valley. The Instagram influencers of the suburb plan to attend the local election night party with home brew and ceramics in hand. But is the night going to pan out how they hope?

In the drunken limbo of dawn light, three friends are reminded why all their Sunday mornings should be spent together.

In a shed in Happy Valley, a father and daughter break a family rule in order to get a teenage boy out of an ice cream container and back to his normal self.

Over six years, much is left unsaid at the Wellington Airport drop-off bay. But when unclaimed baggage is finally opened, what will take flight?
What goes on behind the curtains of renovated Aro Valley villas? How long was the fight before the #couplegoals photo was posted? Is that Instagram influencer really the woman you think she is? All will be revealed on Election Day in Aro Valley.