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Burbs has a creative heart beating out of its chest
— Duncan Greive (NZ Herald)





#BURBSTV is a web series about Wellington.

Each episode shares a secret story from a different suburb.


S01 included Mermaid-Tinder dates on the rocky shores of Owhiro Bay, avant-garde theatre at a flat in Newtown, an orgy in the depths of Seatoun, sleepwalking in Brooklyn and a turf war between two drag queens in Strathmore.


The second season covers four suburbs.

Aro Valley has a political edge. Set on the night of the 2017 General Election, it follows the lives of two middle class hippie couples, both with big secrets. Mt. Cook champions female storytelling (all female characters, female writers, and a female director). Rongotai, set over six years, is both our ‘San Junipero’ and the gay love story of our times (sorry Moonlight). Happy Valley reveals where witches in Wellington are born and bred.


Season 02

Season 02 Trailer

The 2017 NZ general election has arrived in the quaint little village of Aro Valley. The Instagram influencers of the suburb plan to attend the local election night party with home brew and ceramics in hand. But is the night going to pan out how they hope?

In the drunken limbo of dawn light, three friends are reminded why all their Sunday mornings should be spent together.

In a shed in Happy Valley, a father and daughter break a family rule in order to get a teenage boy out of an ice cream container and back to his normal self.

Over six years, much is left unsaid at the Wellington Airport drop-off bay. But when unclaimed baggage is finally opened, what will take flight?
What goes on behind the curtains of renovated Aro Valley villas? How long was the fight before the #couplegoals photo was posted? Is that Instagram influencer really the woman you think she is? All will be revealed on Election Day in Aro Valley.

Season 01

Season 01 Trailer

A look at violent pretensions and Avant Garde Theatre (this is a literal description).

A young man contemplates love in the digital age while on a Tinder date with something that lives in the waters off the Wellington Coast.

A turf war erupts over a Strathmore Park bus stop between two drag queens who share more than the one obvious secret.

Alice buys her way into a party thrown by the Whore of Babylon with a bottle of Merlot and a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips.

A woman wakes up each morning in a different part of Brooklyn with no idea as to how she got there.



We are part of the webseries cocktail known as BURBS. We believe in stories that are firmly rooted in the land they are told on. We want audiences to see, smell, and feel the place they grew up (or the home they miss, or the place it feels like they never left).

We are artists engaged in a variety of different pursuits, but always come back to wanting to make film sets that are both fulfilling and addictive. Despite a firm interest in our developing visual style, we know that the most important thing in our stories are the people, and aim to serve that throughout each process.


He aha te mea nui o te ao
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata


Laura Robinson, CEO

Laura is a born and bred (sort of lived in the states but she can barely remember it, the drugs were so good) Wellington writer and producer. She produced her first film Drop Down Globe alongside Stella and Orion. After graduating from the New Zealand Film and Television School in 2012, Laura was drawn to screenwriting and started writing BURBS.

Laura hates the phrase “Story teller,” please do not compare her to Lena Dunham... She believes there is no such thing as too much subtext, but please do not subtweet her or she’ll retweet it.  

Stella Reid, Director

Stella is an inventive artist based in the cultural capital, and her beer drinking reflects that. She’s obsessed with making addictive processes for her collaborators. She wants them to feel excited to begin working with her, and energised out of it. Her practise involves creating and facilitating spaces where people can talk openly about their values and find ways to turn their experiences into stories. True stories are always stronger. You can see some of her influences and inspirations here on The Pantograph Punch.

Orion Holder-Monk, Director of Photography

From a young age Orion Holder-Monk has been involved in film-making. From childhood claymation through to post-apocalyptic high school shorts and now big budget films at Stone Street and Weta Digital. Orion focusses on infusing technical and emotional learning from every aspect of his life, and uses it to inform his filmmaking. He shoots stories with empathy that also pack a punch.

Rosie Remmerswaal, Production Designer

Rosie is known as an empowering force in creating characters in collaboration with performers. Her work adds richness through detail, and she deftly moves between spectacle and subtlety as the story requires. Rosie is also a prolific photographer, focussing on candid portraits of real characters around the world.

Since graduating in 2014 from Toi Whakaari; NZ Drama School with a Bachelor of Performance Design, Rosie has worked predominantly in the film industry. Recent credits include Daniel (SF, Candlelit Pictures), Drop Down Globe (SF) Mortal Engines (FF, Universal), A Wrinkle In Time (FF, Disney), Wanted 2 (TV), The Changeover (FF) and The Rehearsal (FF). Rosie has also lead projects as Production & Costume Designer on Pigs, written by Bruce Mason Award winner Eli Kent, Ana Scotney’s Dance of Lonely Birds and studied at E’cole Philippe Gaulier in Paris.



Drew Brice Ford

Batanai Mashingaidze

MacGregor Pipson

Hannah Clerk

Sevrin Noakes

Adam Price

Emily McGirr

Andrew Galt

Trent Williams

Marshall Rankin

Abby Burns

Richard Knot

Cinta Damarell

Simone Wiseman

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